BarricAid Technology
BarricAid is a patented device designed to protect classrooms in the event of an active shooter. The device is built to retrofit nearly any classroom door within a school. Each unit has its own direct cellular connection, allowing it to be controlled remotely and monitored in near real-time. Using an app on an authorized smartphone or computer, the devices are synchronized to allow every device to deploy simultaneously across the entire building or campus. The system only allows a BarricAid lock to deploy if the door to a classroom is closed. This approach allows students to seek shelter inside of a classroom, if doors are open; or to flee to the nearest exit, if not. The strength of the BarricAid is designed to restrict entry to the classroom while engaged.

Every second counts.
This technology has received the approval of North Carolina House of Representatives Select Committee on School Safety,
Co-chairman Reps David Lewis & John Torbett.
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